Ohio State guard, coaching staff reprimanded for Michigan brawl


so this is an article about the fight between Ohio State players and Michigan players.  People act shocked when this stuff happens, but when you have rivals AND sports, obviously there is going to be some physical contact. I was actually on OSU campus for this game and the stress was thick the whole game.  I know that a lot of OSU fans thought this was going to be an easy game, but the first half, people had other thoughts.  But I am glad the Bucks pulled out a win, because lets be honest…MICHIGAN SUX


Heroin Overdoses In Ohio Double, AG Creates New Unit To Fight Problem

Heroin Overdoses In Ohio Double, AG Creates New Unit To Fight Problem

well I am from columbus so someone retweeted this and I wanted to read it.  This is an article about a girl from Pickerington that OD on heroine.  According to statistics, in 2012 there were 606 heroin overdose deaths in Ohio, double from 2010 (says the article) which is nucking futs! My roommate recently just went to a funeral of a young guy that OD on heroine too. I had no idea heroine was such a big issue today. In this article it says in some suburbs heroine is easier to get then beer….WHAT?! that makes me really sad/scared.  I think drugs are really taking over the young, and too many young people are dying from drugs. Im not gunna just sit over here being like DRUGS ARE BAD, but the fact people are losing control is not okay.  I hope these people that are losing grasp of reality due to drugs will seek help asap and get healthy! my thoughts go out to this family tho..sad story:/

Woman Calls 911 To Complain Drug Dealer Charges Too Much


alright well you know what this is about just by the title, but I couldnt get over that someone would do this! a 54 year old woman from St. Louis allegedly upset that a drug dealer charged her too much for marijuana and called 9-11 to complain. thats awesome.  People really worry me today, and the fact that this woman thought calling the cops to complain about her drug dealer was a good idea makes me laugh.  like what?!? she ended up getting charged  a misdemeanor: misusing 911. Im kinda curious if the drug dealer got in trouble and what happened to them but I hope this made you laugh and worry about society like i did.

Connie McCallister, Wisconsin Woman Abducted At 16, Found Living In Mexico With 3 Children

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.46.25 PMConnie McCallister, Wisconsin Woman Abducted At 16, Found Living In Mexico With 3 Children

this is an article about a 16 year old girl named Connie McCallister who went missing in 2004 and was just found living in Mexico with her 3 children. Her aunt told the press that she was drugged and taken to Mexico against her will by her boyfriend at the time. Connie said that once she escaped, she stayed in Mexico because she didnt know how to speak spanish and contact her family.  Which that sounds really stupid to me? If i was abducted and taken to Mexico, i would do everything in my will to get back to the US to be with my family.  She didnt seem too worried about it which blows my mind? I feel like she was just like ohhh well since Im already in Mexico, might as well stay here? Crazy story though, what would you do if you were abducted by your boyfriend and forced to Mexico?

‘I Went To Breakfast With Friends While My Husband Was Served Divorce Papers’

‘I Went To Breakfast With Friends While My Husband Was Served Divorce Papers’

This article is a perfect example of relationships/marriages today. this is about a wife that went out to breakfast with her friends so she wasnt home with her husband when he was served with divorce papers (the title) which is so immature to me.  You dont have enough respect for the man you have been married to and just sit him down and tell him. she said she took the “cheaters” way out by just avoiding the situation.  And thats why the divorce rate is so high today because everyone is so immature and when things get hard, they walk away.  I feel so bad for this man, and that woman pisses me off haha. what would you do if you wanted a divorce?

Abandoned Farmhouse

Photographer Niki Feijen came across this old abandoned farmhouse and decided to take pictures.  I thought this article had bad ass photos and a lot of people would think the same.  A lot of the beds in the house are still made and it seemed like this family just got up and left.  Which kind of could make a scary movie right?  I was fascinated when looking through these pictures because it makes me wonder, why did this family leave, and so sudden? I would love to hear the story behind this house.  Check out the rest of the pictures. CREEEEPPPYYY

heres the link! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/04/28/abandoned-farmhouse_n_3163713.html

‘Undercover Boss’: Donatos Owner Jane Grote Abell Fires Worker For Smoking Pot On Job

Alright well this is about a Donatos pizza delivery guy sharing a secret with what he thought was a new fellow employee.  Little did he know was that the owner and chairman of the board of Donatos Pizza was under cover.  He basically told her that he smokes “pot” on the job and sometimes when he delivers, people will ask him to join them smoking and he does not say no.  I thought this was a funny article because it happened at Ohio State, and I am from Columbus, so seeing a story on AOL from my town is pretty funny. I thought this dude looked so nervous in his interview and started denying it when he was caught on film saying it.