Day 4: Brazil vs. Mexico

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.22.10 AMOn Tuesday, we had our first day of class.  I am enrolled in a class at 9:30am called Cross-Cultural Awareness.  My teachers accent is pretty strong, so it is a bit challenging to understand her.  After class, we went to the cafeteria to get food, which was pretty confusing since none of the workers spoke English.  A couple students can speak French, so they had to translate for us a couple times.  At 2:30pm I had my second class, Marketing.  After we went to the SuperMarket, which was not like at home.  This market was considered big, but it was extremely small compared to America.  I didn’t really know what food to get for my dorm, so I didn’t get much, and considereing the labels are in French, we had to take a guess about what we were actually buying.  Later, Brian, Jordan, and I met up with a guy from Germany and Finland to watch the Soccer Match, Brazil against Mexico.  Since Soccer is the main sport in Europe, when watching the matches, it gets pretty crazy over here.


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