Day 2: Paris to Toulouse

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.10.49 AMIn the morning, we went to the train station, where we were taking a train from Paris to Toulouse and met up with two guys from our University named Jordan and Brian.  When we got to the train station, they told us that the station was on strike, which is very common.  So basically the train was still running, but there and no workers and it is free to ride the train, which actually sucked because we already bought our train ticket back in America.  After about a 6 hour train ride, we finally got to Toulouse.  We took the Metro to where our University is.  We met a guy that spoke good English, and was able to bring us to our dorm where we needed to check in, because we had no idea where to go.  After getting our keys and sheets, we got to drop off our bags, and our course we went to buy alcohol.  Since there is no legal drinking age here, drinking is a popular thing to do here.  We all bought beer, and brought it back to our dorm to drink.  When I was in the hallway, I met my neighbor, Rafael from Brazil, and went to a bar with him and his friends. It was very fun, and everyone was so fascinated I was from America.


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