Heroin Overdoses In Ohio Double, AG Creates New Unit To Fight Problem

Heroin Overdoses In Ohio Double, AG Creates New Unit To Fight Problem

well I am from columbus so someone retweeted this and I wanted to read it.  This is an article about a girl from Pickerington that OD on heroine.  According to statistics, in 2012 there were 606 heroin overdose deaths in Ohio, double from 2010 (says the article) which is nucking futs! My roommate recently just went to a funeral of a young guy that OD on heroine too. I had no idea heroine was such a big issue today. In this article it says in some suburbs heroine is easier to get then beer….WHAT?! that makes me really sad/scared.  I think drugs are really taking over the young, and too many young people are dying from drugs. Im not gunna just sit over here being like DRUGS ARE BAD, but the fact people are losing control is not okay.  I hope these people that are losing grasp of reality due to drugs will seek help asap and get healthy! my thoughts go out to this family tho..sad story:/


4 thoughts on “Heroin Overdoses In Ohio Double, AG Creates New Unit To Fight Problem

  1. Sadly, it’s often the youth in suburbs with nothing better to do that fall into drugs. I’m not saying they are the only ones but drug use in suburbs is becoming a problem.

  2. I personally have had the supreme pleasure of knowing several junkies, and each time it surprises me how stupid and thoughtless they can be. I’m really open to the idea of addiction as a disease and I know how hard it is to get off, once you’ve started. It’s just hard not to be furious with people making such irresponsible, self-destructive decisions at such a young age. You would think it’d be the people with nothing to lose, but really it seems to me like it can happen to anyone. In particular, it seems to me like Hamilton is a big hub for heroin use.

  3. Heroin is seriously becoming a problem fast. My boyfriend had this great friend Dan. He was funny, had a great home, girlfriend, daughter, and life as a businessman ahead of him. He got too caught up in his past and after half a year we found out he was doing heroin. We stayed away from him because he was doing anything he could just for his next buzz. One day, I got a phone call saying Dan was arrested at my boyfriend’s parents house. He had just armed robbed somebody for his addiction, walked 20 miles to the only place that would let him inside, and hid from the police. He is in prison now, and I don’t really care for how long. He could have been a great guy.

    My boyfriend says there are needles in the parking lot of his work also. A really nice suburban buffet that my family loves to go to. It is a shame. 😦

  4. I went to Lakota East High School in a super nice and big community, but heroin was indiscreetly a huge problem there. I’ve known and have been friends with several addicts and it still blows my mind that heroin is so prevalent. I actually heard the other day that well established meth labs in Kentucky shut down because they literally went out of business because of how easy it is to get your hands on heroin right now. It’s seriously so insane.

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