‘I Went To Breakfast With Friends While My Husband Was Served Divorce Papers’

‘I Went To Breakfast With Friends While My Husband Was Served Divorce Papers’

This article is a perfect example of relationships/marriages today. this is about a wife that went out to breakfast with her friends so she wasnt home with her husband when he was served with divorce papers (the title) which is so immature to me.  You dont have enough respect for the man you have been married to and just sit him down and tell him. she said she took the “cheaters” way out by just avoiding the situation.  And thats why the divorce rate is so high today because everyone is so immature and when things get hard, they walk away.  I feel so bad for this man, and that woman pisses me off haha. what would you do if you wanted a divorce?


4 thoughts on “‘I Went To Breakfast With Friends While My Husband Was Served Divorce Papers’

  1. My parents are currently going throw a divorce and it is honestly the worst situation in the world to be in. I never thought my family would be the one to go through a divorce but it happened. All I know is, I never want to go through something like this again.

    • my parents never got married so i went through the hard ship of parents not being together too. I hope youre doing okay though, and i like to think parents really do know whats best so im sure they had their reasons. keep your head up!

  2. Geez. What a way to leave a guy. It’s kinda like breaking up with someone over the phone or by email. Taking the easy way out in relationships says a lot about one’s character.

  3. Coming from a family where your parents have been married for 25 years…this is pretty heartbreaking. I think that a lot of people often look for the easy way out of everything. We try and rationalize our own faults and extend them unto others. Love is not an easy thing at all. Love is hard, time consuming, and a heavy commitment. I think that couples marry for the lust and the great things that come with marriage and often forget the struggles and hardships that come with such a commitment.

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