Miley: The Movement

I already set an alarm on my phone to remind me to watch a small documentary on Miley Cyrus tonight at 10pm.  With Miley coming up in so many conversations and her actions being perceived differently, this will give her the opportunity to tell the public where she is coming from.  I have been on Miley’s side ever since “We Can’t Stop” was released and majority of the people were in surprise.  But lets be honest, she is a 20 year old girl that has found herself and who she wants to be.  In this small preview, she tells about how serious everyone took her VMA’s performance and she was just there to have fun and get people to talk.  She says that people are gunna talk, so might as well get them to talk for 2 weeks rather than 2 seconds.  I love that she said that.  Because I think people forget that celebrities are not stupid and know that people are going to talk no matter.  I cant wait for what she has to say and I think this will really get people to give her another chance of acceptance and respect.


3 thoughts on “Miley: The Movement

  1. I wanted to watch this so bad but missed it so I had to watch it all in clips online! I love Miley I think she is the shit. I couldn’t care less if she is making a fool out of herself. She keeps people talking and keeps it interesting. Its interesting when people think she is just a complete shit show and puts no thought into her performances when in reality it is all thought out and planned. People will be talking about her VMA performance until someone tops it.

  2. I also did a blog awhile back about the advertisement of Miley’s Movement when it was first debuted on MTV. I really liked the “old Miley,” and wasn’t a very big fan of the new one. I did gain more respect for her by watching this documentary to find that she is only explaining her actions as a young adult. When her new album was released last week, I was pleasantly surprised with it. Miley definitely got my vote back as not being crazy. I think her music speaks louder to her fans more than her appearances do.

  3. We do have to remember she is a young adult trying to find who she really is- just like all of us. She’s no different than some of the friends I have. The only difference is she’s…well Miley Cyrus. But no matter what age you are I do believe you have to respect yourself. I would never do some of the things she’s done. To me they are classless stunts. But to each their own.

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