Steven And Roger Ham, Gay Dads, Adopt 14 Kids To Create Amazing Happy Ending


Steven And Roger Ham, Gay Dads, Adopt 14 Kids To Create Amazing Happy Ending

When thinking about a family you usually picture a mom, dad, and a couple children. Well this family really changed thing up and 2 gay men decided to adopt kids and build a family together. Not only did they adopt a couple of kids, but they adopted 12. The Hams’ adoption began back in 2003 when they found themselves reaching out to kids in need of love.  I think that this article is awesome. People tend to forget the meaning of family and love, and love comes in so many forms.  This gives me hope for the future and the evolution of gay marriage becoming accepted by society.  These 2 men have the love to give to these kids that were not able to get from their birth parents.  And……the fact that these men stepped up to so many kids in need is so heart warming.  When I get older and done having kids, I would love to adopt.  I think it is an awesome way to spread love to your family, blood related or not.


3 thoughts on “Steven And Roger Ham, Gay Dads, Adopt 14 Kids To Create Amazing Happy Ending

  1. Something different. I sometimes wonder how kids will adjust growing up with two moms or two dads. Just seems weird to me. But I guess the bigger picture is these kids have a better home now.

  2. Interesting and heart-warming story, it is comforting to know that people care out there, no matter what their gender and sexual orientation. I am a little concerned about this family’s practical ability to fully feed, love, spend time with, and teach 12 unique human beings under one roof though. I don’t know this family’s salary and free time, but it seems it may be possible that these two parents have bitten off more than they can chew. I hope them all the best though, I’m sure that they are better off now with parents that love them.

  3. Love comes in many forms. Society needs to come to terms with change because change can in many ways lead to a change for the good. Giving love to kids that need it is just one example of this change. Who knows what good may come of more acceptable changes. The world needs more people like Steven and Roger.

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