Pope Francis: Gays, Abortion Too Much Of Catholic Church’s Obsession

Recently a reporter went through an extensive interview with Pope Francis. He commented on the Roman Catholic church for focusing too much on gays, abortion and contraception, and that the church has become “obsessed” with those topic issues in today’s society. But lets be honest, those are topics that really get people fired up and talking about what is right and wrong, especially considering religion.  I can understand where the Pope is coming from and how church shouldn’t focus on those topics but they should definitely be addressed.  When it comes to people talking about gay marriage, abortion, and contraceptions, it comes back to religion.  Although it should be addressed in the church, people are really becoming obsessed with focusing on these 


2 thoughts on “Pope Francis: Gays, Abortion Too Much Of Catholic Church’s Obsession

  1. I really have high hopes for the Roman Catholic church with Pope Francis. From what I have seen he is practical and takes the role of religious leadership seriously and is adaptive to our modern world. When it comes to homosexuality, abortion and contraception everyone has an equal say to their opinions. These topics are sensitive and have multiple sides so it is important to be knowledgeable about them. The church should address these topics if they feel the need to. There is a certain point though where it does become obsessive. I haven’t heard their stance on these topics yet. I just hope they practice good judgment when thinking about how their decisions and words will effect their followers. As any group of people should.

  2. I find it almost alarming the positive impact the pope’s words had on the catholic community. It seems like all of a sudden all Catholics have some new perspective on such controversy subjects now just by one interview and it makes me wonder where their hatred beforehand started and when it will rise again.

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