“I killed a man”

This video was made by a family friend of mine that recently had the most traumatic incident happen to him. On June 22nd, he was out at a bar with some friends and decided to drive home after being “blacked out”. On his way home, he got on the highway going the wrong direction. Shortly after that, he struck a 61 year old man head on, and killed the man in that car.  This is a video of his confession on what really happened that night.  Personally knowing him, I know that he is a loving and respectable man that made a poor decision.  In this video, he talks about how he could lie in court and he could get off the hook with what happened. Instead, he made this video to confess that he was in the wrong and wanting to take full responsibility of what happened that night by sharing the dangers of drinking and driving and to also honor the memory of the man that died that night.  I have so much respect for Matt and the decision he made to take full responsibility for what happened that night.


4 thoughts on ““I killed a man”

  1. Watching this video and reading what you’ve said I have a lot of respect for him for taking responsibility for his actions. I’m sure it’s a pretty difficult thing to do to make a video like this knowing that it may cost you years of your life in prison. It takes a strong sense of honor to put the truth above even your own interests. I hope that this event has a strong impact upon the people around him and in his relational network and that they learn from his mistake.

  2. Holy shit, I wouldn’t expect something as serious as this to hit so close to home for you, or for anyone for that matter. With us being in college, I’m sure we know TONS of people who take drinking and driving wayyyy to lightly (at least I know that I know a bunch. Apparently I know a lot off douche bags…). And the fact that you actually knew someone who this happened to is crazy. But for someone, especially our age, to take responsibility for something that yields such incredible consequences, and not just take the easy way out, is really unexpected. Hopefully something positive comes of these awful circumstances and Matt’s message is taken to heart.

  3. I understand that he is doing the right thing by confessing and not trying to be dishonest about what happened. But i feel as though the video is trying to make him sound like a hero for doing what he should do. I understand he made this to warn others about what can happen but it almost tries to glorify him since he is pleading guilty.

  4. As someone who personally knows people who have been victims of various drink driving accidents it is a huge deal to see this guy come forward and making such a powerful advertisement. Although the point can be made that he is doing it to sound like a hero, by him delivering this message he could be a hero. He made this video to get a strong message about not drinking and driving, and if it was able to save a single life. He would be a hero to them.

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