Day 11: Where has time gone

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Okay, so I know I said I would post everyday, and that it nearly impossible.  I am so busy everyday, and I rarely have internet.  But on Friday we went to Château Bellevue La Forêt which is a winery and got to do so wine tasting and see where they grow all the grapes to make the wine.

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On saturday, we went to Carcassonne, where we saw the castle there that they used during the medievel times. After we went to the Mediterranean sea, and got to have a nice day on the beach.   Although I did see more bare boobs than I would like, the beach was amazing! Later that night, Toulouse had a music festival going on that was crazy. There were tents everywhere, and at the capital, they had a huge concert going on.  It was jammed pack of people everywhere, and so much fun.

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Sunday, was a little relaxing, but at midnight we went to the bar to watch USA take on Portugal, although they ended in a tie, it was still fun. Which brings me to yesterday when we took a little boat ride around toulouse, then went out to the bars to watch the Mexico vs Croatia game, with Mexico pulling out the win.  With a lot of the summer school students being from Mexico, you can understand where my night went…endless drinks! Well I hope to be able to write soon, and give you more of an update on my trip!



oh yeah, today at the market, I think i was that “stupid american” and held up the line for about 10 minutes because no one spoke english and I didn’t know you had to go weigh your vegetables before bringing them to the line, so that was pretty stressful :/


til next time


Day 5: Networking

Which brings me to today, where we have just had class so far.  At 6pm, we have a International Networking, where we will be at a variety of tables divided by countries, and you are supposed to share with each other things from your country, which should be pretty interesting.  Later, Australia vs. Netherlands is on, and were going to go as a group to a bar and watch the match. I will have to let you know how that goes, but for now, au revoir!

Day 4: Brazil vs. Mexico

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.22.10 AMOn Tuesday, we had our first day of class.  I am enrolled in a class at 9:30am called Cross-Cultural Awareness.  My teachers accent is pretty strong, so it is a bit challenging to understand her.  After class, we went to the cafeteria to get food, which was pretty confusing since none of the workers spoke English.  A couple students can speak French, so they had to translate for us a couple times.  At 2:30pm I had my second class, Marketing.  After we went to the SuperMarket, which was not like at home.  This market was considered big, but it was extremely small compared to America.  I didn’t really know what food to get for my dorm, so I didn’t get much, and considereing the labels are in French, we had to take a guess about what we were actually buying.  Later, Brian, Jordan, and I met up with a guy from Germany and Finland to watch the Soccer Match, Brazil against Mexico.  Since Soccer is the main sport in Europe, when watching the matches, it gets pretty crazy over here.

Day 3: Capitole

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The next day we went to a common attraction in Toulouse called the Japanese Garden that was very pretty.  Later, we walked around Toulouse and went to the Capital, which I thought was gorgous,  Around the Capital, there are many shops that we were able to look in.  We ran into these 2 Colombian girls that we met earlier at the school and we bought wine and went down to the river and drank.  There was a man and woman at the river that was playing the guitar and singing, so we had lots of fun.

Day 2: Paris to Toulouse

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 9.10.49 AMIn the morning, we went to the train station, where we were taking a train from Paris to Toulouse and met up with two guys from our University named Jordan and Brian.  When we got to the train station, they told us that the station was on strike, which is very common.  So basically the train was still running, but there and no workers and it is free to ride the train, which actually sucked because we already bought our train ticket back in America.  After about a 6 hour train ride, we finally got to Toulouse.  We took the Metro to where our University is.  We met a guy that spoke good English, and was able to bring us to our dorm where we needed to check in, because we had no idea where to go.  After getting our keys and sheets, we got to drop off our bags, and our course we went to buy alcohol.  Since there is no legal drinking age here, drinking is a popular thing to do here.  We all bought beer, and brought it back to our dorm to drink.  When I was in the hallway, I met my neighbor, Rafael from Brazil, and went to a bar with him and his friends. It was very fun, and everyone was so fascinated I was from America.

My Journey Through Summer Abroad

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Bonjour! I am starting this blog to keep note and give an update on my Study Abroad experience in France and Slovenia.  I will organize each post by day, and let you know what I am doing.To catch you up on what I’ve done so far, I am going to go through day by day and inform you what has been going on

Day 1: Well my journey began flying from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Paris, France.  My flight was at 4pm on June 12th out of Cincinnati, and arrived to Paris at about 6am on June 13th.  This was my first flight over seas, and it was quite an experience.  I met up with two people from my university named Gika and Duane, and we took the same flight to Paris. On the airplane, there was a small tv on the back of each seat, and you were able to pick a movie of your choice to watch.  The movies were recent and actually really good.  When we arrived to Paris, that is when the real journey began.  We needed to get to our hotel, that was about and hour and a half away, but we didn’t know quite how to go about getting there.  I saw a guy sitting on a bench, and had to ask him if he spoke any English, because I don’t know any French.  He knew a small amount, but enough to help us out.  He told us the subway we needed to take and was very nice.  I could go on and on about the obstacles we faced, but to be honest, there is some sort of challenge everywhere we go.  After about 2 hours, while asking a lot of people for help, we finally got in the right direction towards our hotel called Art Hotel, which was really nice. After walking around and getting lunch, we went back to the hotel and took a nap because the traveling really wore us out.  When we woke up, we got on a train and went to the Effile Tower, which was fascinating. I have only seen the effile tower in pictures, so to have it standing right in front of me was quite an experience. Everywhere we go, we ask for help because the subway system is quite confusing, especially because we don’t speak French.  I wish I could give every detail of our journey, but then this blog would just turn into a novel.  What I have noticed here is that everything is more expensive than America, even McDonalds! We later went back to the hotel and went to bed since we were leaving for Toulouse in the morning.

UGG Boots for Christmas Again? Mocked Footwear Still Tops Shopping List

UGG Boots for Christmas Again? Mocked Footwear Still Tops Shopping List

alright this is more for the girls but I am sure guys know what UGGS are.   Well this is an article basically saying the UGGS are all over the Christmas lists…again.  It talks about how UGG lacks competition and although a lot of boot style shoes are more stylish, no one can compete with the warmth UGGs give. Which I am here to say, I think UGG has met their competition.  For my birthday I asked for a pair of TOM boots, and they are amazing! I was over the whole UGG obsession and decided to go for the TOM boots, and I am obsessed.  So for any girls looking for cute winter boots besides UGGs, check out TOMs new winter boots!